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Tropico 5: How to Upgrade Plantations

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Tropico 5: How to Upgrade Plantations

Within Tropico 5, there are plenty of different building types that can be upgraded. Plantations, in particular, can yield awesome effectiveness-based upgrades for you. First and foremost, you need to research the Sickle technology. Once you do, you’ll unlock upgrades for all of your plantations.

When you have the ability to upgrade, click on your plantation. Then, move to the tab that has the green up arrow. This is your upgrade window. Read what this upgrade will do (because very rarely you won’t want to upgrade after all maybe), and pay the price to upgrade. It can be pretty costly, but well worth it in the end with plantations, ranches, and mines.

Different kinds of upgrades for plantations:

  • Corn – Effectiveness increases each month after this upgrade is built (max 100).
  • Banana – Job Quality is increased by 20. Workers’ wealth is increased.
  • Pineapple – Increases the effectiveness of all other nearby Pineapple Plantations and Hydroponic Farms by 25, based on effectiveness (max 50).
  • Cotton – Decreases workers by 2 and increases effectives by 20.
  • Sugar – Increases the effectiveness of all other nearby Plantations and Hydroponic Farms by 10, based on effectiveness (max 30).
  • Cocoa – Effectiveness is increased by 100.
  • Tobacco – Increases effectiveness by 100 but the soil quality degrades over time.
  • Coffee – Effectiveness is increased by 20.

Congratulations! Your Tropico 5 country will be running at optimal efficiency in no time!


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