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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: How to Join the Children of Atom Faction

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Fallout 4 Far Harbor: How to Join the Children of Atom Faction

Welcome, child.

Fallout 4’s Far Harbor DLC focuses on a few different groups of people, one of these being The Children of Atom. The latest DLC allows you to join the faction, but you’ll have to prove yourself to them first. Here’s how to become the latest member of the Children of Atom.

When you’ve arrived on Far Harbor, you’ll want to travel to Nucleus which is South-West of where you’ll start off. When you’ve arrived here, you’ll want to go speak to the Grand Zealot Richter who will be stood in front of the entrance. Before you’re allowed to become a part of the Children of Atom, you’ll have to complete the ritual which requires you to drink from a small spring to prove yourself.

Follow the waypoint on your map and you’ll eventually arrive at the spring. Press X on PS4, or ‘A’ on Xbox One, when prompted to do so to take a drink from Atom’s Spring. Everything gets a bit weird now and you’ll see a ghostly figure appear in front of you. We hope you’re not afraid of ghosts because you’ll need to follow it through the woods until you reach the Holy Site. Take down the ghouls that are waiting for you and head into the Children of Atom Shrine.

When you’re inside, you’ll notice there’s a bunch of scrawled text on the bookcase that’s right by the Periodic Table of Elements chart. Hit X or ‘A’ to examine this and reveal the Shrine password.

Use this password on the terminal nearby to unlock the cage and head inside. Here, you’ll find the Mother Icon and a note on the desk that you can also grab.

Return to Grand Zealot Richter and tell him all about your vision and the icon that you found. It’s also probably a good idea to mention that you want to learn more about the faction. He’ll then give you the option of joining The Children of Atom. Accept and you will officially be a Child of Atom.

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