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Fallout 4: Far Harbor – How to Get the Vim! Power Armor and Paint Job

far harbor

Fallout 4: Far Harbor – How to Get the Vim! Power Armor and Paint Job

Now that’s some snazzy armor.

If you’re anything like a large amount of Fallout 4 fans out there, you probably like snagging stylish new suits of Power Armor. If that describes you, then Far Harbor has a little treat for you. There is a stylish new suit of Power Armor just waiting to be found by players who trek into Far Harbor’s new location.

Head to the Vim! Pop Factory which is located down and to the left from Far Harbor. If you’re having trouble spotting it, here’s an image:

far harbor

Once you get there, head to the front entrance to get your bearings, then move around the left of the factory. You may come across some resistance, so be prepared. You will eventually reach stairs that take you to the rear entrance of the Vim! Pop Factory where you’ll find more stairs. Take the stairs down and look to your left to find a room with a Power Armor Station. You know you’re going to the right room because you’ll see a huge advertisement over the room that says “You’ve Got Vim!Quartz.”

In the station you’ll find a full set of T-51 Power Armor painted with the Vim! Paint Job. A full set with the paint grants a bonus to you Strength. If you use the computer in the same room you can unlock that Paint Job to use on any of your other Power Armor sets. Simply access the terminal and choose “Vim Paint Job Schematics”, and they’re yours.

Enjoy your new Far Harbor Power Armor.

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