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Fallout 4: Far Harbor – All New Perks and What They Do


Fallout 4: Far Harbor – All New Perks and What They Do

A little something to perk you up in the wasteland.

Fallout 4’s most recent huge expansion, Far Harbor, has added a ton of new content to Bethesda’s irradiated, open-world RPG. On top of new missions, a brand new faction, and a healthy heap of weapons are new Perks for players to customize their characters with. While the perks introduced in Far Harbor aren’t brand new, they do help build upon one specific Perk in each tree to add an extra bit of leverage to anyone using that skill.

Here are all of the DLC’s new perks:


Strong Back Rank 5 (Level 40, STR 6): While over-encumbered, running costs 50% less action points.


Night Person Rank 3 (Level 37, PER 6): You have 30 extra health between the hours of 6 PM and 6 AM.


Rad Resistant Rank 4 (END 6): You now have +40 Radiation Resistance.


Lone Wanderer Rank 4 (Level 50, CHR 3): When adventuring without a companion, you have 25 more action points.


Scrapper Rank 3 (Level 40, INT 5): You get more from salvaging.


Action Boy/Action Girl Rank 3 (Level 38, AGI 5): Your Action Points regenerate 75% faster.


Critical Banker Rank 4 (Level 50, LCK 7): You can now save 4 Critical Hits, to be used in V.A.T.S. when you need them the most.

Those are all the perks you can look forward to unlocking in the brand new expansion. For more guides, be sure to check out our wiki.

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