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Doom: How to Throw Grenades

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Doom: How to Throw Grenades

As you blast your way through the hundreds of demons desperate to stop you on your descent into Hell, you may need something a little more powerful than your guns. To that end, here’s how to throw grenades to disperse the crowds in the latest Doom game.

Throwing grenades in Doom is pretty simple really, although the game doesn’t tell you directly how to do so when you first acquire the explosives. Because of this, it can be quite easy to go through the game not having the throwables when there’s a crowd of demons just begging for one to be dropped amidst them. If you do ever come across a scenario where a grenade could come in pretty handy, all you have to do is press L1 if you’re on PS4 or LB on Xbox One.

You should then see your character throwing a grenade wherever you aimed. Now just wait a couple of seconds for blood and guts to stream off in every direction. Grenades can be particularly useful if you find yourself get crowded out by a swarm of demons. Simply jump back and throw a grenade just slightly ahead of you to clear off a chunk of your enemies. Continue on your way to hell, knowing your explosives are always by your side should you need them.

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