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Doom: How to Open Doors

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Doom: How to Open Doors

Doom will have you running and gunning your way through a number of different environments. Here’s how to open any doors you come across in the game.

Opening doors is pretty simple to do in Doom if you know what you’re doing. While the game does introduce this at the beginning of the game, it’s easy to forget or just not notice these things. So we’ll give you a quick reminder.

When you’re in close proximity to a door, you should see that an R3 prompt appears on-screen. Simply follow this prompt and click in your right stick on your PS4 or Xbox One controller and your character should automatically grab for the bottom of the door and heave it open.

Open sesame! That’s all there is to opening doors in Doom. For more guides, tips, and tricks, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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