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Doom: How to Get the Chainsaw

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Doom: How to Get the Chainsaw

Doom is all about killing demons in some of the most brutal ways possible. Here’s how to get the chainsaw to take the gore to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, you have to wait a while until you can get your hands on the chainsaw. During the second mission of the game, you’ll come across a room that has you walking around a U-shaped platform, with a gap leading to your impending doom in the middle. Once you’ve made your way around this and entered the door on the other side, you’ll spot the chainsaw. It’s lodged neatly inside someone’s chest cavity. Head over to the chainsaw and hit the R3 button if you’re on PS4. Your character will then pull out the chainsaw and it will be added to your arsenal of weapons.

There are a couple of important things to note about the chainsaw however. As much as you’ll love using it, the chainsaw is limited by its need for fuel. You’ll notice in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen that there are three bars when you switch to the chainsaw (press Square on PS4, ‘X’ on Xbox One). These bars represent the fuel you have available for your chainsaw. Each small enemy will use up one of these bars, and the bigger the enemy, the more fuel that your chainsaw will have to use to chew its way through them.

However, cutting down a demon with the chainsaw will result in a ton of ammunition to drop on the floor. So if you’re in dire need of rounds for your shotgun or heavy assault rifle, the chainsaw has your back. Now that you have the chainsaw, the real brutal action is about to begin.

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