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Doom: How to Get the BFG

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Doom: How to Get the BFG


Sometimes the demon hordes just start to overwhelm you, but with the help of the BFG, you can eliminate an entire room. Here’s how to get the BFG in Doom.

In order to get the BFG, you’ll have to make your way through quite a few missions without it. You’ll come across the BFG during Chapter 9 in Lazarus Labs.

As you make your way through the labs you’ll eventually come to a container that is locked. Make your way over to it and you’ll see the BFG sitting inside. Make your way into the room and you’ll be identified as unauthorized personnel. As the countdown begins you’ll have to quickly jump up onto the top of the container that the BFG is in. If you’re not fast enough, you’ll fall to your death as the floor beneath you disappears to reveal a laser trap underneath.

Now that you’re on top of the container, look up. You should see a laser trap taking form and begin to make its way down towards you. Around the edge of the laser trap there are bunch of little red cells. Give these a shot and a couple of them will explode. The laser trap will pass right by you, stopping at the top of the container.

Now look right ahead of you. There are a number of platforms with a green glow. Jump to any of these and let the laser trap do its thing. Once it’s on its way back up, shoot the red cells again. If you were successful in doing so, they’ll explode and the whole laser trap will be completely destroyed. Jump back onto the platform holding the BFG and pick it up. You now own a seriously powerful weapon.

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