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Battleborn: How to Level Up Command Rank Fast

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Battleborn: How to Level Up Command Rank Fast

While playing Battleborn, players will earn experience towards two types of rankings. The first is the Character Rank and is tied to each specific character. The second is your Command Rank, which governs unlocks throughout the entire game. Command Rank is the one you’ll want to keep an eye on if you want to get all of the unlockable characters as well as earn every trophy/achievement in Battleborn.

The most basic way to earn experience towards your Command Rank is to simply play the game. Every mode will grant you some upon completion, gradually raising you up. If you intend on playing a whole lot of Battleborn, this may prove sufficient for you needs, but there are ways to earn a bit extra.

On top of all of the characters and activities in the game, there are also challenges. Challenges fall under six categories:

  • Buildables – Revolve around building and using Drones during gameplay.
  • Characters – Revolve around unlocking and completing Lore Challenges with each Battleborn.
  • Enemies – Revolve around killing enemies in different ways.
  • Factions – Revolve around completing stories and challenges that pertain to each of the five factions in the game (Eldrid, Jennerit, LLC, Peacekeepers, and Rogue).
  • Story – Revolve around completing the campaign and accomplishing certain tasks within it.
  • Versus – Revolve around each of the different versus modes and things you must do within them.

There are a lot of challenges under each category, some even having multiple tiers to each. Completion of any rewards you with extra credits as well as Command Rank experience.

Keeping these challenges in mind will have you leveling up and unlocking every hero in no time. If you need any other help with Battleborn, check out our wiki!

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