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Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Get an O2 Mask

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Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Get an O2 Mask

Ratchet & Clank doesn’t just feature ground and flying action, our lovable duo can take their adventure to the sea, too. Unfortunately, being a mammal, our Lombax is going to need to come out for air. That is, of course, unless you have the O2 Mask.

In order to get this wonderful gadget, you’ll need to head to the planet Pokitaru once it’s an option. Complete the main mission there of saving the resort and destroying the Hydroharvesters and you’ll unlock the side mission of cleaning up the pumping station. Head to complete this objective and your reward for a job well done will be a shiny new O2 Mask. This lets you breathe underwater indefinitely, allowing you to reach brand new areas that were once completely underwater and out of reach from you. For example, you’ll be able to head back into those sewers on Rilgar all safe and sound.

There you have it! No more fearing your breath meter.

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