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Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Win the Hoverboard Gold Cup

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Ratchet & Clank PS4: How to Win the Hoverboard Gold Cup

Ratchet & Clank doesn’t just feature ground-based and flying action. There are also some high-octane races you can take part in, where you’ll be equipped with a sweet hoverboard to pull off tricks.

These races are required by the story, but only the Bronze level are necessary. Silver and Gold cups are totally up to you to do and will yield some great rewards if you manage to get first place in each. The first race you’ll encounter is on the planet of Rilgar. The second will be on Kalebo III. Each time you enter the races, you’ll be on that gnarly hoverboard. Unfortunately, it’s not available at any other point in the game, though. It’s very much so exclusive to the races in Ratchet & Clank.

You’ll find that each cup ramps up the difficulty for you. The Gold cup is absolutely the hardest, just as you would expect. Not only do the other races feature a very strong rubber band effect, but there are bombs strewn all about the track. The first tip you’re going to need to keep in mind is to always hit boxes and the speed boosts. Try your best not to miss these. Every single time you hit a ramp, jump to get to the rings that will no doubt be in front of you (these grant you boost) and pull off a max of two tricks. Never go for more than this or you will mess up. Certain ramps only allow one trick, even. Also be mindful to save up at least two bars of boost for the final moments of the final lap. Again, the opponents will definitely rubber band to you and will pass you if you even stop boosting for more than four seconds, so be careful. Always. Be. Boosting.

Get out there and enter some fast and furious hoverboard races in Ratchet & Clank! The rewards are totally worth the difficulty.

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