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Quantum Break: How to Beat the Final Encounter

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Quantum Break: How to Beat the Final Encounter

Time vs. Time


Quantum Break throws a lot at you; time travel, insane powers, hectic gunfights, and tons of mysteries. But, even on the highest difficulty, most of it is manageable. Things change when you reach Act 5, Part 3 “Final Moment.” That’s when Jack Joyce has to deal with his first, and only, boss fight in the entire game.

Depending on your choices, Paul will either be completely off his rocker and looking to destroy the countermeasure, or he’ll be attempting to retrieve it. No matter what you chose, though, the fight will play out the same. There are two rounds for you to complete, each filled with enemies and Paul’s annoying attack.

It can become very hectic during the fight, so the first thing you’ll need to do is take it easy. There is no time limit, so don’t be afraid to continue to run around in order to heal or allow your abilities to recharge. The fight takes place at the swimming pool where William’s time machine is located, an area you visit numerous times throughout the game, so you should already have a grasp on how to get around. One thing you should note is the ammo bag located at the far side of the room. You’ll want to loop around this every so often to keep your weapons topped off. Now that you have the location and time sorted out, it’s time to get into the fight.

The first round sees Paul Serene stand over the entrance to the pool. He cannot be attacked at this time, so do not waste your time. Simply deal with all of the enemies he brought along to the party. You’ll have a few regular Monarch soldiers as well as a couple of Strikers. Time Dodge is all that’s necessary for dealing with all of these guys, since Focus Time slows things down enough for you to pull of some quick headshots.

About a minute into the round Paul will start to some red spots on the ground. Run away from these because if you’re caught in the center when they go off you will instantly die, and standing nearby them will drain your health. They can be annoying, especially if you’re surrounded by enemies, but focus on escape rather than combat for a few seconds and you’ll be fine. Once clear of the red, go back to killing enemies.

When all of the enemies are defeated, Paul will move to stand over where William is frozen in time. At this point, he will summon another of those red spots. Only this time, it will rapidly expand, encompassing almost the entire room. Whatever corner it spawns in, run to the opposite corner of the room. That’s all you have to do. After it goes away, Paul will be completely vulnerable. Simply walk up and shoot him to begin the next wave.

The next wave repeats the pattern, only this time you’ll have to heavies with chronon dampeners. As long as you keep your distance from them, you’ll be fine. Play this wave exactly as you did the last one: using cover and swinging around for ammo when necessary.

When Paul takes his place over William yet again, he will use the same expanding attack. The only difference is he will do so three times in a row. Don’t worry though, the same strategy (running to the opposite corner) is still in effect. After the third one, Paul will once again be weakened (if you lost count, don’t worry, Jack Joyce will say it’s time to shoot him). Shoot him and the fight is over. Enjoy the end of the game.

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