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Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Plays Faster and Smoother Than Ever Before

Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Faith

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst Plays Faster and Smoother Than Ever Before

A few tweaks needed, but generally a solid experience.

Even after recently receiving a minor delay, Mirrors Edge: Catalyst was still playable at PAX East 2016. The 15 minute demo consisted of a tutorial intro level that taught everything from the fast-paced wall-running, to the basic hand-to-hand combat. When stringing together all the different types of combinations you can perform with parkour, the gameplay felt quick and fluent in the best ways possible. Once you’re up and running, you’ll feel like you’re actually high-tailing it across the rooftops as Faith.

As the demo progressed, I got to touch up with the combat, which was (for the most part) pretty simple to execute. A welcome feature in the game, as nothing can be more troublesome than a first-person title that gives you hell when performing lifesaving moves against armed opponents. The greatest move I pulled off was using a wall run to gain momentum before launching a charged attack at an enemy, knocking them out in a single hit. It was fluid and felt entirely badass to perform, marking where Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst stands out in a crowd.

Mirror’s Edge had a very iconic art direction that makes a return in its sequel. All that white and red is back, folks. The frame rate, for you tech fans out there, was solid without any noticeable drops during my whole playtime. Definitely a good thing for a game reliant on perfectly-timed button presses.

When players first pick up the controller to play, it will seem as though the controls are a bit awkward and off. After some practice, though, it will be worth the perseverance. Once you have the controls down and are playing Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst the way it was meant to be played (like a pro parkour master, of course), you’ll be in for a first-person experience unlike any other.

The release date for Mirrors Edge: Catalyst is almost upon us: June 7. Are you intrigued to pick it up? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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