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Hearthstone: How to Get the Khadgar Mage Hero

Mage Khadgar Hearthstone

Hearthstone: How to Get the Khadgar Mage Hero

Khadgar is joining Hearthstone, but you can only buy him for a limited time.

Last week, Apple kicked off their Apps for Earth program, an effort that is sending proceeds from 27 apps to the World Wildlife Fund. Included in those apps is Hearthstone, which is selling the special Archmage Khadgar hero as part of the initiative.

From now until April 24, Hearthstone players can purchase the Khadgar Mage hero from the in-game store for $4.99 USD. All proceeds from the hero sale will go to the World Wildlife Fund, an international organization focused on protecting habitats, restoring species, and supporting conservation worldwide.

It’s important to note that Mage Khadgar can only be bought from iOS devices. Hop on such a mobile device to grab the alternate hero, and then you’ll be able to play as him on any platform.

Why’s Archmage Khadgar such a big deal, anyways? Well, he did more than name a plant. According to Warcraft lore, we was apprentice to the Last Guardian, Medivh, saved Azeroth from Draenor-related destruction, and is famed as one of the most powerful mages in history. Lore history.

Let us know if you’ll be grabbing Archmage Khadgar in the comments below!

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