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Halo Championship Pro League Details Are Here Along With Substantial Prize Pool

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Halo Championship Pro League Details Are Here Along With Substantial Prize Pool

The Halo eSport season is not over

Halo Championship Pro League details have finally been released just a few weeks after Frank O’Connor’s announcement that 343 Industries and ESL were partnering up to create the highest level of play for competitive teams. The competition will consist of the eight biggest teams from North America and the six biggest teams from Europe. The Halo Championship Pro League will launch May 31 and will run until Jul. 28 with a prize pool of $250,000.

The details for qualification in North America are:

  • PAX East LAN Qualifier: Will be Apr. 24 with 4 invited teams battling it out, with the top team advancing into Pro League
  • Invite Online Qualifier: Will be Apr. 30 with 16 invited teams, based on Halo World Championship placings and past performance will compete for one of the 8 open spots in the May 8 LAN tournament.
  • Qualification LAN Tournament: Will be May 8 and consist of the top 8 teams from the online qualifier to determine the top 4 teams that will make it to the Pro League.
  • Open Qualifiers: Will be May 14 & 15 and will be open to all competitors, and the top teams will advance to the Last Chance Qualifier
  • Last Chance Qualifier: Will be May 21-22 and the last chance for teams to qualify for Pro League. Winners from the Open Qualifiers 1 & 2 will go up against the bottom 12 teams from the Invitational Qualifier. The Last Chance Qualifier will award the last two spots in the Pro League

For more information regarding registering and competing, visit their official website.

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