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Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop: How to Catch Creatures

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Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop: How to Catch Creatures

Get your crafting resources at the ready!

The Wasteland Workshop DLC for Fallout 4 gives players a bunch of new tools and items to improve their settlements. Possibly the most exciting addition are cages. These cages allow you to capture a variety of creatures and enemies from across the wasteland.

In order to build a cage, you’ll need a bunch of crafting materials just like any other item you build at your settlement. A lot of these you shouldn’t have too much of a problem acquiring. Steel and Copper are the two main components of any cage, but you’ll also need bait. For this, simply head out into the wasteland and kill whatever creature it is you need bait for and harvest the meat from their body. There’s also a handy butcher that you can get meat from, too.

Cages will only work when they’ve got a power supply to them, so make sure you’ve got enough resources for a generator nearby, too. You don’t have to do anything else once you’ve set up a cage and given it a power supply except wait. According to the game, you’ll usually catch something within a week or less. Once you’ve caught something in your cage, you can release it whenever you want by simply turning the power off. The cage will also open if it is too damaged.

Fallout 4, Wasteland Workshop, capture, creatures, how to, guide, wiki, tips, tricks

Once you’ve got all of the required crafting components, go ahead and build the cage in your settlement. It should be noted at this point that you’ll need to also build a Beta Wave Emitter if the creature you’re trying to capture is hostile and will be roaming around your settlement.

When you’ve got all of this done, simply play the waiting game. Fast travel around to pass the time or sleep and wait a couple days. Keep checking back and hopefully you’ll find a creature waiting for you when you return.

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