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Drinkbox’s PlayStation Vita Exclusive, Severed, Release Date Revealed


Drinkbox’s PlayStation Vita Exclusive, Severed, Release Date Revealed

The wait will soon be over.

Drinkbox Studios, developer of Guacamelee, has revealed that their next game, Severed, will be coming to the PlayStation Vita later this month.

The studio revealed the news via the PlayStation Blog and wrote: ‘We’ve been hard at work on Severed for the past two years, and we’re excited to announce that the game will be released on PlayStation Vita on 26th April. PS Plus members can also expect a 10% discount during the launch week.’

Alongside a new trailer that revealed the April 26 release date, Drinkbox described the game for anyone who is unfamiliar. They say that, ‘Severed is a first-person dungeon crawling adventure where you equip the carcasses of your enemies to gain their powers. You play as Sasha, a warrior who wakes up in a surreal fantasy world and sets off on a mission to find the missing members of her family.’ You can see the release date announcement trailer below.

Drinkbox also announced that fans can download the official Severed soundtrack today. For more information on the soundtrack and the game itself, visit the PlayStation Blog.

Severed will be available for PlayStation Vita on April 26.

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