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Dark Souls III Boss Guide: How to Beat Lothric, Younger Prince


Dark Souls III Boss Guide: How to Beat Lothric, Younger Prince

Don’t underestimate him just because he’s got no legs.

Finally, you’ll get to face the final Lord of Cinder after a long journey in Dark Souls III. However, before you get to fight Lothric himself, you’ll have to face his older brother, Lorian. Don’t be fooled; Lorian might seem like a pushover at first, but the real fight only begins once you’ve depleted his health bar. But first things first, this is another fight where you’ll want to ditch your shield and two-hand your weapon. Another tip to keep in mind is that you should always have your target lock on at all times.

When the fight begins, Lorian will swing at you with his flaming sword. The slashing arcs are easy to roll through, and if you stay close to his body, he has a tendency to overreach and miss you with his swipes. You’ll want to stay close to him throughout this fight. When he’s done with his attack string, Lorian will teleport to another location in the room. He’ll usually teleport behind you, so get ready to roll. He’ll appear with a thrusting attack the second he comes back into the fight, and this can deal quite a bit of damage, so make sure to roll out of the way and lock on to him again.

Occasionally, he’ll get on his feet for bit and perform an overhead swing. This attack is slow, and will allow you to get behind him for some free hits. He also has an upper slash, but again, this can be avoided by rolling to the side. These two attacks will deal the most damage to you, but the windups for both are relatively slow, so it won’t take long for you to learn the tells.

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