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The Division Is Great, but Where Are the Clans?

The Division

The Division Is Great, but Where Are the Clans?

Let us build an army to take back New York City.

Tom Clancy’s The Division has so far proven to be one impressive game. Its mix of genres helps to create a living world that is easy to care about, fun to explore, yet also open to personal play style. For an online only game that stresses multiplayer, though, there is one noticeable omission from The Division’s offerings: Clans.

In case you’re new to multiplayer games, clans are sort of like clubs made of players. It’s a way to group up with a bunch of players interested in doing the same things in the game that you are, including taking on difficult missions and making new friends. It’s a good way to always have someone to play with, and who doesn’t like to be part of a team? Clans also provide a nice dose of healthy competition. As you and your friends clear missions, collect loot, and dominate the Dark Zone, it all earns you some substantial credibility among these peers. These social functions add to the experience, keeping players invested in their progress and the world put before them.

Still, Ubisoft made the choice to omit the feature from The Divison, at least for now. To many, including myself, it was an odd decision to make. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a game developer and I can only imagine the time and stress that goes into choosing the features that will make the final cut of such a large project. But, if there was any game where clans would fit perfectly, it seems to be The Division.

The Division, 1080p, screenshots

The New York City created as the backdrop for the game is both immersive and alive. There are tons of activities to participate in, and no shortage of enemies to hunt down. On top of that are the Hard versions of main missions that house some of the best gear PvE has to offer. These offer challenges that go beyond just giving enemies additional health.

More waves, varied weapons, new skills, and smarter AI make the higher difficulties a serious hurdle for even the most skilled of players. Teamwork and communication are key if you want to make it through without wiping, something that is easier not only with a few friends, but an established clan of them. Sure, The Division does offer matchmaking at any point, which is far better than the limited matchmaking of Destiny, but the random matches with players without headsets or those who feel the need to go all lone wolf pull away from the tactical potential.

This blind reliance is something that can be remedied by having a group you can dip into for support, and even lend a hand to yourself. It helps to remove any obstructions that may get in the way of feeling like a true Agent.

Clans make even more sense when you step into the Dark Zone. This is the PvP area of Manhattan that only the bravest of Agents dare tread. There are powerful, elite enemies, valuable loot, and the threat of human players with itchy trigger fingers. Many individuals take pride in their Dark Zone accomplishments. Whether it’s hunting Rogues, taking back landmarks, extracting tons of loot, or being a bad guy, players build up communities around these actions.

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