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Miitomo, Nintendo’s New Social App, Debuts Strong on Japanese iOS Store

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Miitomo, Nintendo’s New Social App, Debuts Strong on Japanese iOS Store

Miitomo is going strong.

Nintendo’s first smartphone game, Miitomo, released in the Japanese market yesterday and has had a strong debut in the iOS charts.

In its first day of availability, Miitomo reached the top of the iOS charts, knocking popular Japanese messaging app, Line, down to second place. Unfortunately, Nintendo spokesperson Yasuhiro Minagawa would not reveal specific download figures for Miitomo.

For those not aware of what Miitomo is, the smartphone app allows users to create and customize a Mii character and then sync up with others. Once the Mii character is created, users can then share it with others. Other Miis can then also ask your Mii questions which you can then answer and share with your friends.

Another part of the app, Miifotos, lets your Mii character be placed in any image on your smartphone. The app also includes a handy share button which allows users to upload their creation to social media sites.

Miitomo is a free download, but it does have an in-game shop where users can buy extra clothing and items with Miitomo coins. These coins can be purchased with extra money, but depending on how many you want can set you back quite a bit.

Speaking with Japan Times, Jefferies Group LLC analyst, Atul Goyal said, “this should remove any doubts about the Nintendo brand’s relevancy in the smartphone age.”

If Nintendo’s other smartphone games have such strong debuts it’ll be interesting to see how the company alters its business approach and whether it focuses further on the market.

Miitomo still does not have a release date for western markets, but we’ll keep you updated of any news as and when it surfaces.

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