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All 15 Final Fantasy XV Reveals From Today’s Uncovered Event


All 15 Final Fantasy XV Reveals From Today’s Uncovered Event

Here’s what you may have missed.

After nearly 10 years from the first announcement, Square Enix held a Final Fantasy XV event today, where they revealed several new details about the game and game-related material. Some of them were expected, and some might actually come to surprise you. Here are all of them.

The Man, The Myth, The Creator.

Final Fantasy XV

The event itself was hosted by Greg Miller and Tim Gettys, but the show called attention to some special people who helped create the game, such as the composer, Yoko Shimomura. One of them was Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, who helped shaped a genre of gaming.

Stand By Me

After some introductions, the event jumped straight to the new trailer showcasing more of the game. We see combat, we see chocobos and we get to see the main characters out having fun. Not only is this a new trailer, but it is set to the cover of “Stand By Me,” made famous by Ben E. King.

Drawing Envy Galore

Final Fantasy XV

The art of any Final Fantasy game is something to admire, especially if you have no artistic abilities. On stage they showed an art piece done by Yoshitaka Amano, a Japanese artist who had made the 2D piece above. After introducing the art piece, they went on to make this 2D piece into 3D work, slowly evolving the art before our eyes.

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