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League of Legends: How to Climb Ranks Guide


League of Legends: How to Climb Ranks Guide

Learn to farm well

Farming is one of the benchmark skills necessary to advance in League of Legends, though it can seem unusually unimportant. Champion kills are tantalizing and gratifying, and focusing on tiny health bars and squashing them with precise autoattacks doesn’t seem as immediately worth it.

In truth, being good at farming is one of the best ways to be better than your opponent. In games where your opponent is focused on massacring you, they’ll often lose farm opportunities in trying to take you down. Staying safe and keeping your farm up can give you a gold lead, experience lead, and deprive your opponent opportunities for kills. They’ll fall behind, be forced out of their strategy, or become more aggressive and put themselves in increasingly dangerous positions.

In lower action games, farm will be the only way to gain a leg up on your enemy. While one creep may not seem like a mountain, it a couple dozen lead in CS can mean an early item against your opponent.

Perfecting your last-hitting and timing your backs will up your CS, get you more gold, and always give you at least one advantage over the enemy laner. Learn your champions’ basic attack damage and attack speed, and pay as much attention to waves as possible.

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