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Kojima and Del Toro Sang Anime Theme Song Karaoke Together

Hideo Kojima, Guillermo del Toro

Kojima and Del Toro Sang Anime Theme Song Karaoke Together

Kojima has so many awesome bromances.

During the DICE 2016 Summit, game developer Hideo Kojima and film director Guillermo del Toro took to the stage together to have a friendly chat and share anecdotes with the crowd.

One particular anecdote del Toro shared was about when the pair sang anime karaoke together soon after they met. Here’s the quote from del Toro.

“We’re from the same generation; he’s ’63, I’m ’64. And for whatever reason, in Mexico we were getting the same cartoons, the same anime: Ultraman, Space Giant, we were getting Cometo-San – everything. When we met we had watched the same shows as kids, and when we got to karaoke we sang anime themes. I sing them in Spanish, he sings them in Japanese, we don’t understand shit.”

Whether or not these collaborate on future projects, hopefully they’ll at least continue to hang out and share more fun stories like this in the future.

Just a couple days ago Kojima met with fellow former Silent Hills collaborator Norman Reedus to discuss his new production company.

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