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Far Cry Primal: All Weapons Wiki Guide


Far Cry Primal: All Weapons Wiki Guide

You must choose the right tool to kill them.

Ranged Weapons in Far Cry Primal


There are three different ranged weapons in Far Cry Primal, and each one serves its purpose. Though there are only three, you won’t feel at a loss. They are potent enough to cause enemies to think twice about poking their heads out.


The Bow is your basic weapon, capable of executing sharp headshots at a moderate distance. It may be one of the first weapons, but you’ll find yourself relying on this tool a majority of the time. It fires relatively quickly, and is steady on the draw, more so than weapons like the spear. It doesn’t have the best of range, leaving long-distance sniping out of the question, but you’ll be able to work magic with this one. Upgrading this weapon gives you a much higher fire rate, not too shabby for the Stone Age.

Long Bow

The Long Bow is the big brother of the standard Bow with increased damage and maximum range. It also has a bit more zoom when aiming down the sights. It isn’t the quickest weapon, but it’s supposed to be used at a distance. You should have ample time to fire off a few shots into a charging enemy. You can craft this weapon once you recruit Jayma to your village.

Double Bow

This weapon is as fast as the standard Bow and shares its range. The major difference (and advantage) of the Double Bow is that it fires off two arrows at once. To get this amazing trick weapon, you’ll need to upgrade Jayma’s hut to level 2.


The sling takes Far Cry Primal’s rock throwing ability and steps it up a notch. Now you can kill enemies by hitting them in the head with a rock (which are unlimited by the way). You can also send rocks further to provide a more long distance distraction. No more just throwing rocks right in front of you. 

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