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Far Cry Primal: How to Craft and Throw Bait


Far Cry Primal: How to Craft and Throw Bait

Bait them with meat!

Far Cry Primal is all about survival and that means making sure animals stay off your back. Within its crafting system, you’ll be able to make bait out of meat. This is used in the process of taming animals, as a means of distraction, or for plain ol’ hunting.

far cry primal bait craft throw

Simply hold down L1 or the left bumper to bring up your weapon wheel. Highlight the bait and so long as you have two meats, you’ll be able to make one bait. Once you have it, it’s as easy as pressing R1 or the right bumper to throw it where ever you’re aiming.

Use it on a beast you want to tame by tossing a bait before holding Square or X to initiate the taming process. Throw bait at unsuspecting enemies in hopes of unleashing a predator right on them. Or just go to an area on the map marked as the general location for a specific animal and toss the bait to get them to hopefully show up. Once they do, pounce and you’ll get yourself that skin you were looking for.

You’re able to craft and upgrade a guts bag in order to hold more bait, so be sure to invest in that as soon as you can if you use them a lot.

If you need help with any other aspects of this game’s cruel world, be sure to check out our expanding wiki.

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