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Dying Light The Following: Beginner Tips &Tricks


Dying Light The Following: Beginner Tips &Tricks

A new nightmare awaits.

Do Not Start With a Brand New Character

Tips & Tricks For Dying Light The Following

the following

If you’ve never played Dying Light and have just picked up the Enhanced Edition to try out The Following, you may want to stop before jumping right in. The Following is much more challenging than the base game thanks to its open nature. It’s not as easy to hide from hordes of the infected, nor will even the best of weapons last against the sheer amount of these monstrosities.

You’ll want a lot of skills backing you up before you even think of attempting to clean out the Countryside. Survival Level 12 at the very least is a must have thanks to the Grappling Hook ability. You’ll need to be able to get out of bad situations quickly, nothing like being Spiderman for a second to make that happen.

Remember, you don’t necessarily have to beat Dying Light to access The Following, but at least use the city of Harran to practice and get your skills up.

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