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Destiny Breaks 25 Million Players, 3 Billion Hours Played


Destiny Breaks 25 Million Players, 3 Billion Hours Played

So many guardians!

Activision Blizzard released their fourth quarter and 2015 financial results today, as published in the Business Wire. Amidst all the data about their revenue and profits, it was also mentioned that The Taken King achieved “record digital attach rates” for Destiny back when it dropped late last year.

More interestingly, “Destiny’s 25+ million registered users have logged nearly 3 billion hours playing the game.”

Say what you will about the content drought and terrible RNG in the game. Having millions of players around the world log in billions of hours into the game means Destiny’s doing something right at least. But fear not, PVE players, Bungie has announced that a hefty expansion will be coming late this year, with tons of new PVE content and equipment for players to check out. Bungie has also confirmed that a full Destiny sequel will be coming in 2017, hopefully with much better RNG, and more content in the base game.

Are you still playing Destiny? How many hours have you spent in this sci-fi looter shooter? Let us know in the comments down below.

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