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4 Ways The Following Gave Life Back to Dying Light


4 Ways The Following Gave Life Back to Dying Light

Time to step back into hell.

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The Following has finally been released for Dying Light after quite a wait. Last summer, Techland revealed its plans for a new expansion to their horrific game. Unlike the previous DLC, this new addition was going to transform the game completely. But then it got delayed.

Dying Light The Following

It has now been a year since Dying Light was first released, and that would normally lead to a dead game. Yet The Following has not only returned the game to the spotlight, it has reinvigorated the title. It has breathed new life into this world of death in ways that most DLCs fail to do for other games.

But just how has it managed to do so? Games with zombies/infected as the main fodder are a dime-a-dozen, so what exactly did Techland do to make this one special? Well, a few things actually.

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