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The Witness: Shady Trees Laser Puzzle Walkthrough


The Witness: Shady Trees Laser Puzzle Walkthrough

It has to do with shade.

Getting the Shady Trees Laser trophy will require you activate the laser hidden behind the orange-bathed gates seen in the game’s own PS4 title screen. Heading to the large orange grove, you’ll find the locked gates and a pathway heading away. Follow this until you reach a logging house near a stream, across from the rock quarry. Make your way to the first puzzle, a simple trace panel on a wooden door.

Completing this will open the door and lead you to your first shade puzzles, pictured below. Here, you have to navigate to the end, avoiding the shade. If you notice, the completed door puzzle begins counting down once opened. It will close when the countdown ends.

The third puzzle, below, will be partially blocked by the door you entered through if the countdown completed. Head back over and open the door, then solve this puzzle before it closes again.

Now puzzles will be obscured by various things that aren’t trees. Only mind the shadows of branches to complete them. This is the Shady Trees laser, not the Shady wooden beams laser.

My personal favorite.

After the puzzle above, follow the activated green pathway and you’ll reach a fork. Head right, and you’ll begin the on-shadow puzzles

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