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Amazon Prime Members to Get 20% off Pre-orders and New Releases

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Amazon Prime Members to Get 20% off Pre-orders and New Releases

Is this what gets you to cave in?

Amazon would really really like it if you signed up for Amazon Prime. Especially you, video game fans. So much so in fact, that from now on anyone who signs up Prime will get a permanent 20% off games that they pre-order or buy new two weeks within release.

It’s a pretty bold move that puts Amazon in direct competition with Best Buy’s Gamers Club, which offers 20% off pre-orders, and Gamestop’s Powerup Rewards Card.

Don’t forget though that Amazon does cost $99 per year to sign up for, making it more expensive than Best Buy’s Gamers Club and Powerup Rewards (which focuses more on pre-owned stuff than pre-orders/new releases). If you’re considering signing up for any of the three, be sure to weigh Amazon Prime’s non-gaming and gaming related perks versus what you’ll get out of Best Buy and Gamestop.

With that higher price tag from Amazon, you’ll get free two day shipping on most everything by Amazon, streaming services (similar to Netflix), the 20% discount detailed above, and be guaranteed that if you pre-order a game ahead of time, you’ll get it shipped to you the day it is supposed to be released. There are other benefits too that you can check out here.

It’s certainly tempting, but it comes down to whether or not you’ll take advantage of Amazon Prime’s other benefits or not. The choice is yours.. or just carry on doing whatever you were doing before. We’ll still love you either way. Check out the details of this new perk of Amazon Prime below along with a FAQ right here.

Prime Exclusive Savings
20% off new physical video games during pre-order through two weeks after release
Discount will be applied automatically at checkout
Offer valid when shipped and sold by Amazon
Offer will be automatically extended to all existing Prime member pre-orders.


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