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Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Encase Eidolons

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Final Fantasy Explorers: How to Encase Eidolons

Too bad you can’t just use a Master Ball.

A few hours into Final Fantasy Explorers, you’ll receive the 2-star Main Quest, “Magicite Permit Exam.” The task here is to encase one Eidolon in Magicite. Doing so will allow you to use the Trance ability on the field to temporarily transform into that captured Eidolon to land some heavy blows. Using this technique, you can transform into Ifrit, Shiva, Ramuh, and any other Eidolon you’ve managed to encase, as well as the numerous legacy Final Fantasy characters such as Cloud, Squall, and Lightning.

Properly encasing an Eidolon can be tricky, so make sure you follow these steps:

  • First, track down the Eidolon whose Magicite you want and whittle down their HP to less than a quarter. The idea is similar to catching Pokémon; the closer they are to being KO’d, the easier it is to encase them.
  • Second, keep your Crystal Resonance above 100 by using plenty of abilities so you’ll have quick access to the Crystal Surge special attacks. Once you’ve got the Eidolon’s HP low enough, wait for your Crystal Surge abilities to reset. You can speed up this process by continuing to use abilities; just make sure you’re not close enough to attack the Eidolon, lest you accidentally kill them.
  • Finally, if the Eidolon’s HP is low enough, when your Crystal Surge abilities re-activate, the top option should be “Encase.” Simply use the Encase ability, and there you have it; your very own Eidolon Magicite.

If you’re playing alone with a team of monsters, you’ll want to leave the Eidolon with a little extra HP in case your teammates continue to attack while you’re working on getting your Crystal Surge to activate. You can’t directly control the monsters, so if you’ve damaged it too much and they continue to attack before the Encase option pops up, you’ll be out of luck and will have to try again. If you’re in a party with friends, however, everyone can just back off until the Eidolon is successfully encased.

If you need help taking down a specific Eidolon, or want some other tips and tricks, be sure to check out our Final Fantasy Explorers Wiki Guide!

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