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The Game Awards Honor Westwood Studios Founders as Industry Icons

Westwood Studios

The Game Awards Honor Westwood Studios Founders as Industry Icons

The creators of Command & Conquer and real-time strategy get recognized at this year’s Game Awards.

The Game Awards are all about shining a light on the best developers and games in the industry. Tonight during the show, a moment was taken to look back on the titles that Westwood Studios contributed, and how they changed the industry.

Westwood was a studio based in Las Vegas, Nevada founded in 1985 by Brett Sperry and Louis Castle. The studio was responsible for many games, most notably the creation of the Command & Conquer series and helping in the creation of the real-time strategy, adventure and role-playing genres. Westwood was acquired by EA games in 1998 where they continued to develop games including Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 and Earth & Beyond until the studio was liquidated in March 2003. Take a look at the Industry Icon award video below.

Sperry and Castle accepted the award at the show, and made a short speech about never stopping making games. Did you play any of Westwood’s games? Are you a fan of Command & Conquer? What other developers and studios do you think deserve and Industry Icon award? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

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