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System Shock 3 Teaser Exposed Ahead of Official Reveal


System Shock 3 Teaser Exposed Ahead of Official Reveal

OtherSide Entertainment is up to something…

The folks at OtherSide Entertainment are teasing a new project, and thanks to a little source code help, it seems to be System Shock 3.

The studio sent out a teaser page Monday, December 7, leading to a six day countdown and simply the letter ‘S’. The page’s source descriptions reads, “Join the original team behind Ultima Underworld on a quest to rekindle this legendary fantasy RPG series.”

Turns out, curiosity is stronger than the laws of time. Bypassing the countdown entirely, RPG Codex user LESS T_T found another OtherSide page in the source code revealing System Shock 3 and its mailing list.

system shock 3

Launched with the purpose of recreating classic games, OtherSide Entertainment is currently working on an Ultima Underworld reboot titled Underworld Ascendant. The company has yet to respond to the reveal of their reveal, and last told fans to keep their “eyes peeled” over the course of the week. Seems our eyes were too peeled (ew).

Though System Shock has seen many spiritual successors and an Enhanced Edition this past September, the title hasn’t seen a new entry since System Shock 2 released in 1999.

Are you prepared to see System Shock make a grand return? Let us know in the comments below.

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