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How Nintendo Got Its Groove Back in 2015


How Nintendo Got Its Groove Back in 2015

Nintendo is on its way back!

Let’s just be very honest right now. Nintendo’s Wii U is in a very rough place. It started with an interesting launch, beating the competition to the punch with an interesting peripheral and what seemed like Nintendo getting really serious again. Holiday 2014 put that momentum to rest with the launch of the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One.


Nintendo tried to hold its ground, grabbing a few strong third party titles and making the great, older games they’re known for. It worked at first, but after the PS4’s insane launch and the Xbox One experiencing a complete turnaround, the Wii U was left struggling. For most, that would mean that Nintendo had completely lost out, but the events of this past year point to quite the opposite.

Despite the challenges facing the, Nintendo made a few moves this year that are starting to get their groove back.

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