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Final Fantasy XV Release Window Hinted At


Final Fantasy XV Release Window Hinted At

Please let the summer gaming drought finally end…

Final Fantasy XV’s release has been hotly anticipated by nearly everyone since Square Enix has revealed they’re aiming for sometime next year. Now, it seems like they may have locked down a time frame for the summer.

On the game’s official website, there’s a questionnaire you can fill out. One such question that pops up is “‘if Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV came out at the same time, which would you prefer?” Since Persona is locked down for a summer 2016 release, it seems like Square wants FFXV to come out in relative proximity. If not the same day, then maybe a week before or after.

It’d be nice for the summer gaming drought to have some big releases. Guess we’ll find out when Square announces the game’s release date at a presentation in March. Final Fantasy XV will hit the PS4 and Xbox One. When do you think the game will come out? Let us know in the comments below.

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