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WWE’s Big Show Talks Some Destiny Smack on Twitter; Claims Top 1% KDR


WWE’s Big Show Talks Some Destiny Smack on Twitter; Claims Top 1% KDR

Don’t try and tell the Big Show (Paul Wight) that he doesn’t have time to play Destiny, because he will tell you otherwise. This week, Big Show thanked Activision, Bungie, and Red Bull on Twitter for sending him a pretty sweet Destiny care package.

This kind of stuff is pretty common. You wouldn’t be crazy in thinking that Big Show may have no desire to play Destiny and it’s just some kind of promotion. A Twitter user politely pointed that out. Mentioning that with all his commitments, that Big Show may not even have the time to play Destiny if he wanted to. However Big Show was quick to point out that he’s a bigger fan than you think:

OK damn Big Show, you’re a savage we get it. Imagine Big Show as an actual Guardian? He would be the last one I would want to see up against me in a Crucible match. Would love to find out though if he really is top 1% in KDR and Grimoire. That would require some serious playtime. We might need to follow up to see his Year One video to confirm that. Until then, we’re going to have to take his word for it. A champ in the ring and a champ in Destiny.

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