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Fallout 4’s Release Took Away Pornhub Traffic


Fallout 4’s Release Took Away Pornhub Traffic

The bombs ain’t the only things exploding.

Fallout 4 is a fantastic game, that’s not exactly a surprise. It’s definitely going to break some records by the time the year is out, and it’ll end up on quite a few game of the year lists for sure. But one thing that people probably didn’t expect is that it cut into some…let’s just say, personal Vault time.

Pornhub’s vice president (they have one?) Corey Price said while speaking to VentureBeat that thanks to Fallout 4, the site saw a 10% drop in traffic among gamers after about 5 am that lasted until 3 pm. Traffic started decreasing again at about 6 pm, but didn’t return to normal levels until nearly 11 pm.

“We can’t say we’re too surprised with what happened to our traffic during peak gaming hours,” said Price. “Based on the data, it looks like a huge surge of people decided to indulge in some wasteland wandering by taking the day off of work and school to play, while the rest of the world had to wade through what we assume were the longest hours of work ever in anticipation of some alone time with their consoles.”

So, if nothing else, Fallout 4 should get props for wrecking Pornhub traffic for a few hours, right? Maybe that’s something they can put on the GOTY box art.
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