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Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Scenes From a Marriage Quest Guide


Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Scenes From a Marriage Quest Guide

Geralt gets spooky in this Hearts of Stone quest.


Witcher 3 Hearts of Stone guide

Scenes From a Marriage is Hearts of Stone’s largest quest and will send you on your final one to fulfill the wishes of Olgierd. Geralt has been tasked with retrieving the violet rose that Olgierd gave his wife, Iris, on the final day before he left her. Once you’ve spoken to Olgierd about completing the second task, he will send you to find the violet rose he gave his wife the last time he saw her… a few years back. It would have been simple if it wasn’t for the problem of time and a flower’s tendency to wither after no more than a few days.

Geralt has to set off to the von Everec estate. Fast travel there if you wish, or take your noble steed north from your meeting. Once there, you need to head south from the signpost towards the manor. Unfortunately, the gate is a no go, so head north slightly and find a gap in the wall where you’ll find some guy shouting for help and for a certain someone called Kendrick. You’ll have a conversation with the fella about Foglets and can ask him about who exactly Kendrick is and why he is here, too. Once you find out the pair of them are thieves and he bails on his partner, Geralt is tasked with finding the thief’s partner and searching for the violet rose. Onward we go!

Enter the courtyard and you’ll notice on your map a couple of circled yellow areas. Check these out with your Witcher senses and examine the items to get some idea as to where Kendrick has disappeared to. Once you’ve examined the bag of manure, bench, and the ice cold water fountain, head up the stairs towards the rickety old looking manor and toward the final place to examine which you’ll find right by the door. Geralt will gather that somebody dragged what could possibly be a body this way. Use your Witcher senses and follow these tracks on the ground. Head towards that rusty old gate and have a brief stare off with the cat. Follow the sounds with your Witcher senses to be brought to a cutscene and meet our first boss of this quest: the Caretaker. This guys is the creepiest boss you’ll take down in Hearts of Stone by a mile! Check out our guide on how to beat him here.

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