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Three New Star Wars Battlefront Modes Announced, Up to Eight Modes Now


Three New Star Wars Battlefront Modes Announced, Up to Eight Modes Now

That’s a whole lotta multiplayer.

With Star Wars Battlefront’s release date well on its way, EA has announced even more details on the upcoming shooter. Three new modes have been detailed: Hero Hunt, Cargo, and Droid Run.

Hero HuntThis is a unique 1v7 match, where one player plays as a hero character versus 7 other, regular troopers. The hunter must wipe the team of seven out, and the hunted need to make sure to survive. If you strike the killing blow on the hunter, you become the hero character and need to take their place as the one that has to defeat seven opponents. Dennis Brannvall, the lead level designer goes on to say:

“Hero Hunt is one of our fantasy-fulfilling game modes catering for those who want to divulge in epic, almost boss fight-like encounters with Star Warscharacters. With a player count of eight it’s a smaller and more direct game mode, and perhaps not as tactical as for instance Supremacy – but still not without depth.”

CargoThis game mode is basically a 6v6 Capture the Flag. Both sides have bases with cargo within. Your job is to steal the enemy cargo and protect your own. The Star Wars Battlefront twist here is that you don’t need to have your cargo at your base in order to steal the enemy’s. Additionally, scoring starts at 5 and 5. If you steal a cargo, you gain a point and the opposing team loses one and after 15 minutes, whoever has the most points wins the match.

Droid RunThe final mode announced has players capturing three droids around the map in a 6v6 battle. They move around, so you have to stop them before you can start their capture process. Essentially like a King of the Hill mode, you want to be the first team to capture and hold all three droids before the 10 minute counter is up.

On top of the new modes, recent information on the season pass was revealed, and its current beta has been extended, as well. Star Wars Battlefront is releasing for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 17.

What do you think of these game modes? Let us know in the comments below!

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