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The Halo Franchise’s 7 Most Defining Levels


The Halo Franchise’s 7 Most Defining Levels




ODST’s campaign provided a different rhythm to the Halo formula, adding a mystery noir detective vibe to the proceedings. As the Rookie, players had to roam around the abandoned New Mombasa in search of what happened to the remaining members of their squad. Eventually, the Rookie finds something tangled in the city’s power lines: a sniper rifle belonging to his teammate, Romeo.

The flashback mission has Romeo and Buck in the city’s police station headquarters high above the city. After the Covenant shoot down their ride out of the city, the two head to the crash site to rescue their squadmates Mickey and Dutch, who were among those on the Pelican. There’s a lot of fun in playing Romeo, popping off enemies heads like it’s no one else’s business and then crossing a perilous gap using a piece of construction equipment.

The final third of the mission is pretty awesome; the four ODSTs are forced to hold out as long as possible against the aliens, using missile launchers and turrets to get the job done. Backed by an awesome soundtrack and electric guitar by Marty O’Donnell, this level shows what ODST is aiming for: classic Halo action with the very real threat of dying.

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