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Skull Kid Creeps His Way into Hyrule Warriors Legends


Skull Kid Creeps His Way into Hyrule Warriors Legends

This game just gets better and better.

News of another new playable character in Hyrule Warriors Legends has appeared from Japanese gaming publication Famitsu. Skull Kid, from the N64-come-3DS classic Majora’s Mask is that character, and he will be accompanied by his fairy companion Tael. His primary weapon will be the ocarina, which much like Sheik’s harp, will likely blast enemies away with familiar melodies.

In addition the magazine also reveals that the Ocarina of Time boss Phantom Ganon will be appearing in the upcoming 3DS title, reprising his boss status.

Toon Link, Tetra, and the King of Hyrule have been previously confirmed as playable in Hyrule Warriors Legends, and can all be transferred to the original Wii U game as well. This is likely to be the case with Skull Kid as well.

Fans of Majora’s Mask were a bit let down when last year’s Hyrule Warriors DLC pack dedicated to the game snubbed Skull Kid in favor of Tingle as a playable character, with his only appearance being relegated to an unlockable outfit for Lana. Those fans can now look forward to slaying all as Skull Kid in Hyrule Warriors Legends when it releases Q1 2016 exclusively for the 3DS.

Source: Gematsu via My Nintendo News

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