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Shovel Knight Will Make an Appearance in Pixel Noir


Shovel Knight Will Make an Appearance in Pixel Noir

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Pixel Noir and Shovel Knight have a lot in common. Both games were inspired by old-school titles in their genre, with lovely pixel art that pays homage to their inspirations. They’ve also both got renowned musicians on their soundtracks, and both titles were successfully fundedthrough Kickstarter.

Now the two games will officially cross over, as Pixel Noir developer SWDTech Games have just revealed that Shovel Knight’s titular hero will be appearing in the upcoming “Earthbound meets Sin City” RPG. According to SWDTech, “somewhere within Pixel Noir will feature a crossover with everyone’s favorite dispenser of SHOVELRY!”

Pixel Noir’s Kickstarter campaign is still ongoing, and will continue until Oct. 22. The game got funded with 23 days left, so now the focus is unlocking as many stretch goals as possible. Once 100% funding was reached they revealed that renowned JRPG composer Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame would be contributing to the soundtrack, which is just one reason of many why it’s a title to keeps your eyes on.

The estimated arrival for Pixel Noir to PlayStation 4, PS Vita, and PC is Nov. 2016, with an Xbox One version (one of the stretch goals that has already been met) dropping at a later date. Ports for 3DS and mobile platforms are also possible if their respective stretch goals are met, so if those are your preferred platforms, you’d best go drop a few bucks their way.

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