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Rock Band 4 Celebrates Its Launch Tomorrow With a New Trailer


Rock Band 4 Celebrates Its Launch Tomorrow With a New Trailer

Will it be a comeback story for the ages or a farewell tour?

Rock Band 4’s attempt to take over the world once more and breathe life into the physical instrument based music genre will begin tomorrow when it releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Coinciding with their big day, Harmonix has released a new trailer titled “Electric” which is predictably full of people rocking out hard in a shed or garage of some sort with plastic instruments:

As for the set list they are bringing to their big show tomorrow? It won’t be light on songs:

Through the Rock Band Music Store, more than 1700 songs will be available on day one, including tracks from the series’ incredible back catalog of music, fully updated to include the new gameplay features in Rock Band 4. Players can rock to these tracks and enjoy new Freestyle Guitar Solos, Freestyle Vocals, and Dynamic Drums Fills, even while touring the world with their band in the game’s new expanded campaign. Additionally, consumers who previously purchased these tracks within the same game console family can download these songs at no additional cost.

While it was known that previously purchased DLC would be available for re-download, it’s still an impressive number for Harmonix to throw around prior to launch. In addition to all of the legacy DLC songs, we also now know the full list of new songs that will debut in the game proper. You can check those out right here.

What say you readers? Do you think Rock Band 4 can save the genre or will this be a farewell tour for the series? Sound off below in the comments.

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