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PS4 Exclusive WiLD Lets You Ride a Bear, Summon a Giant Snake Goddess, and So Much More


PS4 Exclusive WiLD Lets You Ride a Bear, Summon a Giant Snake Goddess, and So Much More

Giant fish, giant bears, giant snake-ladies.

The development team of WiLD, a mysterious adventure game from Wild Sheep Studio, came forward during Sony’s Paris Games Week conference to elaborate on their vast project.

In this demo, WiLD puts players in the hands of a shaman trying to cure a fellow clan member of snake poison. He must travel to a sacred shrine and summon the snake divinity, and he’ll need the help of some animal friends. So, of course, our mystic waves around a stick until an eagle appears, and by entering a trance, he can control this eagle. WiLD will allow players to take control of many animals, each with a unique set of skills and abilities. By building a relationship with these creatures, the player can add them to their team. In this case, the eagle’s vision allows our shaman friend to spot and capture a wild snake.

The protagonist then lets out a wild roar, summoning a bear and then mounting it. That’s right. He gets to ride a bear across the vast, “seamless” world. He crosses mountain ranges and rivers filled with unnervingly giant fish, reaching the shrine only to meet a dangerous enemy tribe.

“Let’s attack that camp with… a rabbit,” the demonstrator narrates. The shaman takes control of a wild and reckless bunny, sprints through the enemies, and finds a flock of ravens. These ravens join the effort, dive-bombing the enemy tribe and giving the protagonist the opportunity to bust in and maul them all with a bear.

At last, he summons the snake divinity, a giant, menacing reptile-woman who warns him of the price he must pay. The demo ends on this ominous note.

WiLD is coming exclusively to PS4, sometime in the future. Stay tuned for more details.

Are you excited to team up with nature in Wild? Which animal companion are you looking forward to most? How much are you going to love riding a bear? Let us know in the comments below.

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