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PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast Shown off in New Trailer


PS4 Exclusive Shadow of the Beast Shown off in New Trailer

Side-scrolling remake over here! Get your side-scrolling remake over here!

Shadow of the Beast has been mainly quiet since it was first revealed. The side-scroller from Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs is set for the PS4 scene and looks to be a remake of the 1989 game of the same name. Now, at Paris Games Week, Sony has revealed a new trailer featuring a lot of gameplay and cutscenes mashed together.

Matt Birch from Heavy Spectrum Entertainment Labs wrote in a PlayStation Blog an update on development, as well. He spoke on how hard at work the team is to ensure the gameplay is up to par.

“On the gameplay side, we’ve been very lucky to get lots of feedback from people who took the time to play our previous demo at various shows, and we’ve been working out how best to use that to improve the game. To that end, we’ve been iterating and tweaking our combat system further, as well as making adjustments to help the platforming flow better. We’re trying our best to make sure that the combat in particular has layers to discover and that truly mastering the game is going to be something players can enjoy doing as they uncover the secrets of Aarbron’s world.”

Shadow of the Beast will has a release window of 2016 and will come out for the PS4. What do you think of the trailer? Excited for this remake? Let us know in the comments below!

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