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Pre-Order Fallout 4 on Steam and Get a Bonus Dota 2 Announcer Pack


Pre-Order Fallout 4 on Steam and Get a Bonus Dota 2 Announcer Pack

It’s a Dota – Fallout mashup.

Steam has unveiled their Fallout 4 pre-order bonus, an exclusive announcer pack for Dota 2. Because the best Fallout 4 gift is getting Fallout 4 in other games.

The announcer pack will star Mister Handy, a humble robot companion who struggles with humanity and occasionally, competence. He’ll be replacing the Dota 2 default and mega-kills announcer, a robot butler’s dream come true. Fallout 4’s Steam page notes that this is a limited time offer, and that the pack is expected to go live by mid-November.

Players who pre-order the physical version of Fallout 4 will receive an official poster of the massive Fallout 4 perk tree. If you’d rather your game come with a pair of socks, then the Fallout 4 Gold Edition would be for you.

If you can’t decide just where to pre-order Fallout 4, maybe a peek at the PC requirements and console storage will help make up your mind.

Fallout 4 is slated to release November 10 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Bethesda recently shared that the game will feature Vita Remote Play created by Destiny’s Remote Play designer.

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