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Konami Compensates Players for Metal Gear Online Woes


Konami Compensates Players for Metal Gear Online Woes

A small, if welcome gesture.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is by pretty much all accounts, an outstanding game. That said, Metal Gear Online wasn’t available at the main game’s launch, and was only made playable earlier this month, and the online experience has been, in many ways, rather lacking. While most are eager to point out that the core gameplay of MGO is extremely strong, almost all users have been experiencing a glut of connectivity issues, such as being told that almost every single match is full and therefore inaccessible even if there are open slots available, frequent disconnects within matches themselves, and no host switching has made it almost unplayable at times.

Konami has, thankfully, recognized the issue, and has been working to try and stabilize the service, slowly improving everything over time. Today, the studio has given everyone 3000 GP (the currency used for buying new gear) and all players who redeemed the game’s promotional code for double experience for two weeks will find that the bonus has been extended, and will now only expire on October 27th.

While Metal Gear Online definitely has potential to be a great addition to an already wonderful game, we hope that all issues can be ironed out soon, as it’s beginning to really sour a lot of players’ fun. MGO still hasn’t been released on PC, and will hit the platform in early 2016.

How have your experiences with MGO been so far? Happy about what Konami’s doing to make up for it, or would you like to see them doing more? Let us know in the comments!

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