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Meet the Enemies of Halo as Adorable Pokemon


Meet the Enemies of Halo as Adorable Pokemon

Bet you didn’t want to own a Grunt until now.

Deviant Art user Kaleb “Sketchbgi” Raleigh found a way to make Pokemon out of Halo enemies. More importantly, Raleigh found a way to make the shrill & short Unggoy cute. Logic dictates you don’t cross your serious sci-fi shooter with cutesy animals you collect. Somehow, Raleigh made it work incredibly.

Raleigh’s art style matches the pop and color of Pokemon’s creature design to much delight. Most of the evolutions of the different species mirror the different variations seen in the Halo series. The Prometheans and the Flood evolutions especially mimic their designs in Halo 3 & Halo 4.

Not only that, he also paired the creatures to the core Pokemon types. The methane-ingesting Unggoy were fairly obvious as a poison type. The space yetis of the Brutes were clearly the fighting/ice types, and the fungal-like infection of The Flood as a grass/poison type.

The full gallery is on Raleigh’s Deviant Art page with a couple more species from Halo. For now, here’s the complete roundup of enemy creatures/species crossed off of Master Chief’s kill list:

In a few individual posts, Raleigh adds his thought process behind the drawings. One of the highlights were the Skirmishers, the swashbuckling avians: “Skirmishers are probably my favorite Halo aliens. They just look so bad ass. Dark/flying type because they are goddamned pirate birds.” Another funny bit were the beginning state of the Hunters as a bunch of worms: “Ground/bug type because hey, they’re worms.”

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