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Kojima Officially Leaves Konami With an “Emotional Goodbye” – Report


Kojima Officially Leaves Konami With an “Emotional Goodbye” – Report

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…

Hideo Kojima has officially departed from his studio and long-time home at Konami, according to The New Yorker.

A ceremony of roughly one hundred guests purportedly gathered Friday, October 9 at the Kojima Productions studio. According to a source speaking to The New Yorker, it was “a rather cheerful but also emotional goodbye” from Kojima’s colleagues across multiple studios and most of the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain team. The source also noted that he did not see Konami President Hideki Hayakawa or CEO Sadaaki Kaneyoshi in attendance.

The departure follows reports that Kojima would be parting with Konami after the completion of The Phantom Pain, ending a partnership that began with Kojima’s hiring back in 1986. News of Kojima Production’s closure, the removal of Kojima’s name from branding materials, and the cancellation of Silent Hills further suggested a split between the director and Konami.

Kojima’s non-compete clause reportedly expires in December, when Kojima will be free to join another studio and continue working on games, if he wishes. Though the director hasn’t shared any specific plans, he has said he will keep creating for the rest of his life.

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