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Koei Tecmo Express Interest in Making Star Wars Warriors Game


Koei Tecmo Express Interest in Making Star Wars Warriors Game

Yoda would be the bomb in this game.

After so many iterations in the Dynasty Warriors franchise, in recent years Koei Tecmo has been branching the formula out by crossing over with other well-known names. They’ve brought the hack-and-slash action to such franchises as Gundam (Dynasty Warriors Gundam), The Legend of Zelda (Hyrule Warriors), and most recently Dragon Quest (Dragon Quest Heroes). The potential for other Warriors games is extremely high these days, and now it seems more like a guessing game to figure out what’s next, as opposed to making a wish list that will never happen.

In a recent interview with Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Koei Tecmo producer Hisashi Koinuma shared that if he could make any new Warriors/Musou series, it would be for the sci-fi cultural phenomenon, Star Wars. In addition, he stated that an Atelier Musou could be made if the fans are loud enough with their demands.

The latter sounds much more likely, as Koei Tecmo have been publishers of the Atelier series for many years, but that doesn’t mean Star Wars Warriors is out of the question. They would need to work out a deal with EA, who currently own exclusive video game rights to the franchise, but given the popularity of such games in recent years it certainly seems possible.

What do you think? Would you be keen to play Star Wars Warriors? What characters would you like to see playable? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Siliconera via NZ Gamer

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